Here are five things you missed last week

1. Journalists go undercover to see how Russia has been stealing Ukrainian grain


Russia has had a hold on Ukraine since the beginning of the year and has continuously targeted its agriculture industry from stealing John Deere equipment to stealing grain.

The Russian occupiers confiscated 920,000 bushels of grain from a Ukrainian company called Politehnica. The occupiers even issued a confiscation document, after which the grain was transported by truck to the occupied region of Crimea.

Latifundist Media has partnered with us to provide this boots-on-the-ground coverage. They conducted an experiment and introduced themselves as a logistics company and talked to a Russian carrier looking for grain trucks. They took two large John Deere 300 tractors, one New Holland, and three John Deere 195 tractors.

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2. SCOTUS limits EPA’s role in controlling emissions

Climate change impacts food security.

Climate change impacts food security.

President Joe Biden’s climate plan hit a hurdle as the Supreme Court has ruled to limit federal reach in controlling emissions at power plants. West Virginia vs. EPA challenges the agency’s authority to regulate carbon emissions.

The 6-3 ruling prevents the EPA from mandating climate-friendly industry-wide changes and limits it to actions targeting individual power plants.

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3. The ag sector reacts to USDA’s Planted Acreage Report


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Farmers planted 89.9 million acres of corn in 2022 and 88.3 million acres of soybeans. The corn estimate is slightly higher than USDA’s March forecast, while soybean acreage is lower. All wheat acres came in just above 47 million acres, which still marks the fifth-lowest acreage since records began in 1919.

American Farm Bureau’s Veronica Nigh says the most surprising part about this report is there is a significant portion of acreage left unplanted.

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4. USDA paid out more than $4 billion in emergency relief programs


A new report shows USDA paid out more than $4 billion to farmers and ranchers under the new emergency relief program.

It covers losses in 2020 and 2021 and applications for the next phase close on July 22nd.

Clifton Larson Allen’s Paul Neiffer says as the FSA continues issuing checks, some farmers might experience some challenges getting an increased payment.

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5. Farmers prepare for potential rolling blackouts this summer


Energy is becoming a growing concern for farmers across the country, especially with the potential for rolling blackouts this summer.

One farmer received a letter from his power company warning of potential rolling blackouts this summer. He said he has never received a letter like this and fears America is not ready for a big push to green energy.

CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association spoke on the situation about what is contributing to this concern and what co-ops are doing to navigate the hurdles.

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