How do you feel about AM Radio? National Farmers Union wants you to tell Congress

The push continues to solidify a place for AM radio in new vehicles.

Ag groups have been asking Congress to take action, and now they want consumers to tell their representatives how they feel about the popular rural medium.

“We can never assume that things are going to continue on this path, right? We have to keep the drumbeat up because certainly we have a number of companies right now that are removing those receivers already. So, we have this gap already happening and that’s just going to continue to grow. So, it is really important for anyone whether they’re Farmers Union members or anyone listening to the farm broadcast, listening to local radio, any of those services across AM radio stations here, this is really important to reach out to your members of Congress to your senators and let them know that you expect them to not only cosponsor the bill, but the push to see it actually move,” said Rob Larew.

Some of the groups who have written lawmakers include the National Farmers Union, the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association, and the Livestock Marketing Association.

Several automakers, like Ford, have since backtracked their plans to remove AM radio from new vehicles.