HPAI Widens: Second farm in Indiana confirms case

Indiana’s outbreak of avian influenza is growing. State inspectors now confirm it on a farm that houses 26,000 young turkeys, but they are still waiting for USDA to conduct its test.

Indiana animal inspectors tested the flock after the owner noticed the birds’ water consumption dropped drastically. The farm is currently under quarantine, and poultry farms in the control area will continue to undergo surveillance testing on a weekly basis.

USDA is monitoring the situation closely and currently quarantining Virginia and Kentucky flocks. That includes depopulation.

One producer near the area explains how he is keeping a lock-tight lid on biosecurity.

According to David Hughes, the Executive Director of the TN Soybean Association, “I keep the doors locked on my poultry houses. You know people just can’t walk in, and also, I have disinfectants at each entryway, and also another disinfectant pan when you actually go in with the birds.”

He says that while he is taking precautions, he does not want a replay of what happened in 2002. HE had some birds suspected of having the virus and they ended up being culled.


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