Impossible Foods to release imitation pork products


Following the success of its plant-based burger, Impossible Foods announced Monday that the company would soon begin selling imitation pork and sausage.

This is the first time since the Impossible Burger was released in 2016 that the company has tried to produce anything other than fake beef.

Impossible Pork, which is made from soy, will first be in restaurants. Burger King was one of the first to get a look at the new product when 139 restaurants offered the plant-based sausage.

The company has yet to announce specifics on when the product will become available in grocery stores.

According to the Associated Press, the pork products and the Impossible Burger are made in a similar way although the ingredients were changed slightly to mimic the texture of pork.

Part of the reason Impossible Foods decided to make a pork product was because of the opportunity it presented the world outside of the United States, specifically China, where consumers eat more pork than Americans.