Is another Farm Bill extension needed? Sen. Chuck Grassley thinks so.

Chances of Congress passing a Farm Bill in 2024 are unlikely, according to top Senate ag lawmaker Sen. Chuck Grassley, and 70% of congressional staffers surveyed.

Top Senate ag lawmaker, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) says the reality of a new 2024 Farm Bill is growing more and more unlikely, and another one-year extension of the 2018 legislation is needed.

Sen. Grassley said talks in the Senate have hit a roadblock.

“Because of the inability to reach some compromise on a new Farm Bill, a five-year Farm Bill reflecting the inflation that we need that has happened since the 2018 Farm Bill for diesel, interest, seed, fertilizer, chemicals. I applaud the House for moving where they have, and they may pass one, but I think we still have these big differences that we have to work out in the Senate.”

On the House side, USDA Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack has applauded their ambitions but calls the plan unreasonable. Grassley says the House Ag Committee should not need to lower their expectations — especially when it comes to increases in the farm safety net.

Grassley is not the only one who believes the Farm Bill will need another extension. A survey by Punchbowl News shows nearly 70 percent of Congressional staffers think the House version likely will not pass this year. The sentiment is fairly equal across party lines. Of the staffers surveyed, 75 percent of Democratic staff and 62 percent of GOP aides who responded agree the current Congress is unlikely to pass new Farm Bill legislation.