Just Happy, the happy cow!

Happy the Calf 1280.jpg

The happiest cow was born earlier this month in Australia!

On March 10th, Bellbrook Holsteins in Ripplebrook, Australia welcomed a new calf to the herd. They named it Happy, and it is pretty obvious why.
Happy was born with a unique pattern. His spots resemble that of a smiley face.

Barry Coster, the owner of Bellbrook, says he has seen his fair share of unique patterns but nothing like this. He and his wife were originally planning on keeping the calf and letting it live out its life on the farm.
However, Happy’s fate is much grander than your typical farm cow.

Happy was bought by Lardner Park for a donation of $10,000 dollars to the local West Gippsland Hospital, according to KTVU.

Lardner is an event space that holds events from music festivals to farm events and rodeos. Happy’s new home will be 300-acres and will act as the park’s mascot.

The CEO of the park told FOX TV, “He is feeding really well and seems well settled into his pen at Lardner Park. With approximately 40,000 to 50,000 patrons coming through the gates to see ‘Happy’ this weekend, we know Happy will put a smile on everybody’s face.”

Story via Catherine Stoddard with KTVU

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