Just Ridiculous: NCBA President voices frustration over WOTUS back-and-forth

“They don’t need the government telling them what to do or what not to do”

The battle with WOTUS continues as the on-again off-again struggle over this ruling hits several states.
As NCBA President Todd Wilkinson says that it has been a major frustration for cattle producers across the United States because the rules keep changing.

“So the average producer that’s out there on the ground doesn’t know where they have to turn to— what’s jurisdictional, what’s not jurisdictional. They want a fixed set of rules that doesn’t interfere with their operation because the biggest thing that everybody needs to know is America’s farmer and rancher are the best conservationists in the world, and they want to protect their land,” Todd Wilkinson explains. “They don’t need the government telling them what to do or what not to do. We just need them to stay out of our business, and particularly right now with the EPA coming out with new proposed rules, or waiting for a Supreme Court decision to drop at any time is just ridiculous”

A ruling on WOTUS from the U.S. Supreme Court for Sackett v/s EPA is still pending, and injunctions blocking the implementation of this rule now exist in 26 states, with a temporary stay in another.