Kamala Harris Talks about Administrations plans for Electric Vehicles

The White House has set an ambitious goal for United States manufacturers to secure 50% of the electric vehicle sales market by 2030.

Vice President Kamala Harris says electric vehicle sales are already growing with support from consumer demand.

“We need to make the shift faster and make sure it is driven by the United States. That means manufacturing millions of electric cars, trucks and buses, right here in our country. That means outfitting 1000s of EV electric vehicle repair garages just like this one. And it means installing a national network of EV chargers.”

She says the administration often hears that the biggest barrier for people is access to charging stations.

“People who live in apartments, for example, might not have a private driveway where they can install a plug…Well, when we install public chargers in a rural, urban and suburban neighborhoods, we make it easier for people to go electric.”

The bipartisan infrastructure law includes $7.5 billion dollars specifically for electric vehicle chargers, which the administration is ready to start distributing.

“To ensure the robust implementation of the EV components of this law, I am also proud to release our administration’s electric vehicle charging action plan. This plan includes a new office, the joint office on energy and transportation that will ensure agencies are working together for the implementation of this law.”

But the Vice President says the infrastructure deal is only part one of two.

“Our Build Back Better Act will cut the sticker price of new electric vehicles made in America by union workers by up to $12,500. And it will also include, and this is a new approach, a tax credit of up to $4,000 for used electric vehicles.”

President Joe Biden is pushing the senate to pass the build back better act before the end of the year, but he still needs to win over moderate hold-outs to secure the votes.”


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