Keep manure safety in mind as fertilizer prices hit record highs

With fertilizer prices at record highs, manure is becoming a hot commodity. The National Pork Board says it is important to be aware of how to safely handle it on your farm.

According to Marguerite Tan, “Pits need to be checked every time they enter the barn for foaming. If you detect foam, exit the barn, extinguish potential ignition sources, and treat that pit with anti-foaming agents. The next thing is to monitor air quality. It’s fast and easy to do and has the potential to save a life.”

Producers and handling contractors should assume their pit contains hazardous gases and be aware of air quality.

“I can’t stress that enough, that air quality monitoring is the number one thing that we can do to help keep us safe. It’s very easy to do. It doesn’t take, you know, but 30 seconds if that to be able to monitor that air quality,” Tan adds. “So, go in there with an air quality monitor, they make air quality monitors that just, you know that you can wear them on your person, you can put them on your belt. Go in there, make sure you’re monitoring that air quality.”

The Pork Board recommends getting everyone out of the building when emptying a pit, and keeping them out for 30 minutes after pumping and agitation.

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