Lawmakers are putting pressure on vehicle manufacturers over AM radio availability

Even though Congress is out on its August recess, a Missouri lawmaker is hitting the road, keeping the fight going to keep AM radio in new vehicles.

Representative Mark Alford says automakers are simply looking for ways to create new profit. He says they are designing apps for their vehicles just like cell phones. Earlier this year, lawmakers put forward the AM Radio For Ever Vehicle Act, which led automakers like Ford to hit pause on their plans to remove the popular rural medium. Alford says AM radio is critical and needs to stay as an option.

“A lot of us put pressure on the manufacturers and they have now relented for at least another year. That will give us time to work on legislation to make sure, not that we’re telling businesses how to do business, that’s very important, but that we secure this channel of information for rural America.”

The legislation would also require the Department of Transportation to issue a rule for all new vehicles, requiring access to AM radio broadcasts.