“Making very good progress": Field work is picking up in Canada

Between the cold and a dry April and early May, spring planting has been delayed in Canada due to soil temperatures.

However, commodities group, Markets Farm, says that field work is finally picking up.

According to Bruce Burnett, “It is later than normal, in terms of our spring start-up to planting. It depends on the prairies where you are. Some areas have actually started off pretty close to normal. But the early part of the season which, in some areas, starts in the last two weeks in April. that was totally lost because of the below-normal temperatures. So, we are off to a little bit later start, but again, we’re making very good progress. So, we’re going to be catching up quite rapidly.”

Portions of the prairie provinces received timely rains in early Spring.
Saskatchewan and Alberta producers have not been as fortunate though with ongoing wildfires. Burnett says that recent rain showers have helped control some of the fire threat.