Man finds his heirloom pistol found in farmhouse attic after four decades

For almost forty years, the Cole family had lost a precious, priceless pistol in their farmhouse.

Bobby Cole, from Texas, comes from a family of loggers, sharecroppers, and pulp-wooders. He grew up listening to his father long for this lost firearm. The more he heard, the more determined he was to find it.

“All the way into my teenage years, the pistol was stamped into my mind, like it was chasing me. I had to be the one to find it and bring it home to daddy. I had to be the one. Nobody else,” Cole tells AgWeb.

The pistol was normally tucked away in the attic above the fireplace. Cole walked through the house, searching for an attic entry, when he suddenly spotted a hole in the kitchen ceiling. Using a milk crate to get a better look, he saw the pellet pistol resting between two joists. It was free of rust and was in great shape.

“I was motoring for the pond and my daddy and waving the pistol in the air like a crazy fool. I’m usually good with words, but I’ll never be able to find the words to express how I felt. No amount of money in the world can buy the feeling,” said Cole.

Story via Chris Bennett with AgWeb

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