Mollie B and Squeezebox Take Fort Worth by Storm!

September 6, 2019

Long-time members of the RFD-TV family Mollie B and the Squeezebox band graced The Cowboy Channel’s new broadcast studio in Fort Worth, Texas with its first live musical performance earlier this week. The band played a 2 hour set, to the delight of the crowd of polka enthusiasts.

The band opened up with a medley of “Party Polka/Let’s Have a Party Polka,” as a tip of the hat to their long-running RFD-TV show, Mollie B Polka Party. Among the many other songs covered was “A Day to Say Thank You,” which Mollie B and husband Ted co-wrote in honor of America’s service men and women – and which the group also performed live in a scene from the 2018 Clint Eastwood film “The Mule.”

The set’s first hour was broadcast live at the time of the event; the second hour will be aired this weekend right here on RFD-TV – Saturday, September 7, 10 PM ET. Don’t miss it!

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