Montana Farmers Host Auctions for Wildfire Victims

April 5, 2017

Many individuals have been asking how they can help those affected by the recent wildfires in CO, KS, OK and TX. Montana-based Sam Fraser and his dad Scott were so moved by the devastation they decided to put together a benefit auction to aid in disaster relief to help get the victims back on their feet. As livestock producers themselves, they know firsthand how these fires affect farmers and ranchers.

“I saw the devastation and the loss of property, livestock, and life. I noticed that the story wasn’t being picked up by the mainstream media. When I saw a story about two teenagers who were killed attempting to rescue their cattle, I knew I had to do something,” said Sam Fraser.

The Southern Wildfire Fundraiser Auction will be held on Thursday, April 6th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. MDT at the Stillwater County Fairgrounds during the Midland Bull Test Sale and Banquet. The auction has collected items for bidders onsite and online. Interested participants can register here.

The auction will benefit the ranchers, farmers, and families affected by the wildfires in Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. Cash donations can be made to the American Farm Bureau Federation and marked “Wildfire Relief.” Over 75 items have been donated for the sale including VIP tickets for an upcoming Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the Cable Guy’s “We’ve Been Thinking” Comedy show, a variety of Angus livestock, tools, saddles, stud and semen certificates, artwork, quilts, and handmade goods, among others. tickets to the Northern International Livestock Exhibition

All proceeds from the auction will go to the American Farm Bureau Federation and distributed by the CO, KS, OK, and TX Farm Bureaus to those that have been affected. The auction is being sponsored by Frontier Live Sale (owned by Scott and Sam Fraser), Midland Bull Test, and Northern Ag Network.

“Many people don’t understand. Your cattle represents your legacy. They rely on you for care, sustenance, and vitality. You’ve gotta protect them. You’re responsible for the safety and well-being of your livestock,” Sam went on to say. “Your livestock isn’t just dollar signs. A rancher will do anything to protect his animals. That’s stewardship. It’s a special relationship. We’ve had some many close calls in my family. It’s just a terrible, terrible thing. So many have been lost. Cattle. Horses. Livestock. Barns. People have been working on their flocks for years. And then boom, 150 years of work gone in an instant. I own cattle that I’ve known for 15 years. You’ll put yourself in harm’s way when they’re threatened. You’re protecting your family’s legacy and everything you’ve worked for your entire life. A fire can knock it out in an instant. There is no way to rebuild in an instant. I’m just trying help people to get a sense of normalcy back in their lives. I know that other livestock producers and ranchers understand and will jump at the opportunity to help.”

The farm community has already mobilized to come to the assistance of farmers and ranchers in states affected by the fires. Numerous state Farm Bureaus, other agricultural entities, and individuals have united to gather and transport donations of hay to feed cattle in the affected states.

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For more information about the auction, visit the Frontier Live Sale at