National Pork Board recommends farms implement social distancing and face masks

Livestock producers who rely on employees know the importance of keeping both animals and workers safe.

The National Pork Board says that farms should implement the same CDC guidelines as other types of businesses: social distancing, hand washing, face masks, and routine equipment cleaning. Carpooling is common for ag workers but is discouraged to maintain social distancing.

Officials say that implementing biosecurity measures is something the pork industry is familiar with.

“I think this is something that we in the swine industry, as it relates to biosecurity, we’re really familiar with and comfortable with, and now we get to apply from a workers safety and health perspective so that we can continue to protect those pigs by implementing those standard biosecurity practices, but also now taking those additional precautions to protect our fellow employees at work,” says Dr. Heather Fowler, the Director of Producer and Public Health at National Pork Board

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