National Pork Board releases a plan to help kids pursue a career in the pork industry

National Pork Board has released a classroom “ready-to-use lesson plan” for ag teachers and career counselors, outlined to help students looking at career opportunities in the pork industry.

The Pork Checkoff’s Destination Pork launched a comprehensive class curriculum that is designed to interest high school students to career opportunities in the pork sector. Chelsey Van Genderen, who manages the U.S. Pork Center’s Excellence Programs, says that this instructor led experience can pave the way to a career in the pork industry.

“The intended audience is actually ag education teachers, as well as career counselors, and they would serve as key influences of our actual target audience, which is youth that are 15 to 18 years old or that high school age group,” Van Genderen state. “We’re looking for students that have a potential to pursue a career in the pork industry which, that could be just about anyone.”

She explains how the program educates students about the opportunities in pork production.

“Generally right now, there’s a pretty tight labor market, and there’s a rising competition for talent... there’s an immediate need for caretakers and talents across the pork industry,” she adds. “This curriculum was developed to promote animal caretaker opportunities in local communities, as well as expose students that may have an increased interest in careers across the pork industry.”

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