National Radio Day


August 18, 2017

This Sunday, August 20, 2017, marks a national celebration for radio. It’s #NationalRadioDay, which was established to promote the industry and its legacy.

As many readers already know, RURAL RADIO channel 147 on SiriusXM is our sister station which simulcasts the “Market Day Report” and the “Rural Evening News” on weekdays, plus “Commodity Wrap,” at 8:30 a.m. ET. It also has a strong lineup of other agricultural and rural lifestyle programming, along with coverage of and live broadcast of the latest in western sports. Get the full programming lineup and more information at

I have always wished for the opportunity to express my thoughts, concerns, and opinions about our amazing rural lifestyle and the challenges that lie ahead in preserving what many of us take for granted daily. RURAL RADIO provides me that platform and I run with it every week! Three years and it’s just getting better! —Flint Rasmussen, host of “Outside the Barrel“
Milestones give us a chance to reflect, and looking back, my three years with RURAL RADIO Channel 147 on Sirius XM has been more fun than a barrel full of squirrels. The guests, the listeners, the stories, my producer, the venues, the people I’ve met and of course Bass Pro Shops has given me the pleasure of feeding my passion for everything outdoors. —Bob Keck, host of “Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World”