NCGA goes to bat for America’s farmers to fight for fertilizer tariffs

The National Corn Growers Association recently went to bat for America’s farmers, arguing on their behalf in a recent ITC case involving proposed tariffs on ammonium nitrate fertilizer. The Commission eventually rejected those proposed tariffs.

Nebraska corn farmer and NCGA president, Andy Jobman and Washington Attorney, Jared Wessel sat down to talk about why the win was so important and why the proposed tariffs are dangerous for producers.

“We’ve had a lot of good input from our producers across the country that are up in arms over what’s going on with higher prices. As a producer, we really have no other place to turn. We only have a few places we can buy fertilizer from, a few companies and we’re kind of backed into a corner. That’s a dangerous place to put somebody is backed into a corner and we really had no other options, but to fight this,” said Jobman.

The Commission voted unanimously against new tariffs on UAN. A recent study shows urea fertilizers are up roughly 50 percent from where they stood one year ago.


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