Nearly 600 workers at North Carolina chicken plant test positive for virus


Almost 600 workers at a Tyson chicken plant that reopened after being closed for cleaning and disinfecting have tested positive for COVID-19, reports WBTV news.

Of the 2,244 employees and contractors who work at the plant and were tested, 570 tests came back positive.

The majority of positive tests did not show symptoms and otherwise wouldn’t have known they were infected.

Tyson said workers who test positive receive paid leave and only return to work after they meet CDC and Tyson criteria. Company policy requires that all those testing positive or feeling sick be isolated at home.

“We are working closely with local health departments to protect our team members and their families, and to help manage the spread of the virus in our communities,” said Tom Brower, Senior Vice President of Health and Safety for Tyson Foods. “We are using the most up-to-date data and resources to support our team members, and we are committed to ensuring they feel safe and secure when they come to work.”