NPPC on Prop-12: The ruling was disappointing, but pork will prevail

The ag community is still working through the Supreme Court’s ruling on California’s Prop-12, which will now take effect July 1st.

The National Pork Producers Council gathered to explain what this means for the pork industry moving forward.

“One of the things we need to work out with California is, what is this implementation period look like? There is currently an injunction in place on enforcement of Proposition 12 until July 1 but what exactly does that mean? What has to happen on July 1? Is that when products on the shelves need to turn over or is that when the sows need to be moved into compliant Prop-12 housing? Is that when piglets need to be born by? There are a number of questions that we are in active discussions and communication with California, trying to work through this, trying to get clarity so we have minimal disruption to the marketplace,” said Michael Formica, NPPC Chief Legal Strategist.

Michael Formica says the Council is working to clarify some answers for the distribution sector as well. He says some producers have already begun making changes to their operations in order to comply with California’s new standards.