On heels of BSE case, pork industry warns of another potentially catastrophic disease

African Swine Fever is highly contagious and deadly


Michael Charles

American agriculture got a good scare with the detection of an atypical case of BSE discovered at a South Carolina slaughterhouse. While it’s not expected to shake the markets, The National Pork Board warns another disease, while not yet found in the U.S., could be catastrophic if detected.

They’re talking about African Swine Fever.

The Pork Board says an outbreak would be devastating and says a recent study shows the pork and beef industries would lose nearly 80 million dollars and as many as 60,000 thousand jobs if the disease is found in a U.S herd.

Ag researchers at Iowa State University tell Brownfield Ag News the impact would ultimately depend on exports and how other countries respond to an outbreak here.

The National Pork Board is encouraging producers to enroll in AgView in order to have tractability data as part of their production records.

AgView is the pork industry’s tool to help reduce foreign animal disease outbreaks. It allows for more timely sharing of information with state animal health officials. Hundreds of producers have created an account, which is paid for by checkoff dollars.


Starting Monday, April 29, the USDA will require free avian flu (HPAI H5N1) testing on all dairy cattle before interstate travel. Positive cases must be directly reported to the USDA for tracing.
However, economists say land values could falter if commodity prices fall in the New Year.
With the New Year comes new ideas, and lawmakers are still trying to find ways to fund the Farm Bill.
The United Soybean Board representatives say export and trade development is critical for increasing international demand.
It is National Farm Safety and Health Week—a time dedicated to recognizing the critical importance of safety on the farm. The National Education Center for Ag Safety (NECAS) usually hosts this week-long event during mid-September so farmers are reminded to prioritize their safety during the harvest season.
Analysts with the Propane Education & Research Council say the outlook for propane prices is positive for the fall harvest season.
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