One Size Doesn’t Fit All When it comes to endangered species

The leader of the western caucus is calling on the Biden administration to carefully examine its changes to the Endangered Species Act.

According to Rep. Dan Newhouse, “I think we need to take a step back, make sure that the things that we do actually are positive and actually help the recovery of species, and truly engage those people that should be our allies in making this successful instead of making it harder.”

He says that the gray wolf is a good example of where community input is vital.

“We’ve seen across the country a lot of success stories, as it relates to the recovery of the gray wolf and other species too. When local business groups, local communities, state governments, local governments, and tribes come together, they can tailor-make the recovery plans and how to coexist with these species,” he states.

He adds that there is no perfect answer for everyone and every area is unique.


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