Pig farmers have donated 2 million servings of pork in the last two months


Pig farmers have donated more than 2 million servings of pork to local food pantries and communities throughout the country over the last two months, according to the National Pork Board.

The donations are made as part of the Hams Across America initiative, which is a nationwide effort that encourages pig producers to give back to their communities.

Hams Across America is especially focused on rural America and in conjunction with Hams Across America, Smithfield Foods, Prairie Fresh Pork and JBS USA Pork have donated more than 170,000 pounds of pork to food banks all over the United States.

“Giving back to our communities is an important part of who we are,” said National Pork Board President David Newman. “Our Hams Across America program gives me and other pig farmers another way to live out the We Care ethical principles, but my favorite part is getting to share our love of the food we produce with neighbors in need.”