Pitbull and Potbelly Pig looking for a new home together


Man’s Best Friend has a new best buddy!

Ruby Sue (the pitbull) and Penelope Rose (the potbelly) are as close as close can be.

“I don’t think they know they’re a pit bull and a pig. They just are sisters,” said Jessica Overlock. “They eat together. They go outside to play and go to the bathroom together.”

Sadly, the duo’s owner recently passed away and they’re looking for a new home near them in Arizona. The Overlock family has been taking care of them but can’t keep them. They’re looking to adopt the out to a home that is willing to keep them together.

“That’s one thing I promised the little girl who lost her dad, that we were going to find a home together forever,” said Overlock. “I think their unique story and their unique relationship is what’s going to get them adopted together.”

If you are interested in adopting the pair, email thepitandpig@gmail.com