Pork Checkoff teams up with social media influencers to reach consumers

The Pork Checkoff is working with social media influencers to help get their message to consumers.

So far, they have teamed up with 80 influencers on campaigns around several topics, including a celebration of grilling season. This year their focus is making sure consumers find both convenience and comfort in pork products. Plus, the social media influencers bring a unique audience to the Pork Checkoff.

“We partner with influencers that will obviously be a food representative of our brand and that are good advocates for pork, and we are reaching primarily families, and these influences have a presence on either YouTube or their own blog or other social media outlet, with dedicated following of consumers that we can’t necessarily reach through our own channels,” said Jenna DePerro, the assistant VP of animal welfare for the National Pork Board.

To check out the Pork Checkoff, click HERE.