President Biden: Government can use tech to help fight wildfires

As we brace for a record wildfire season out west, President Biden says that there are many things the government can do in the fight.

For example, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration uses satellite technology. They can spot wildfires from outer space right when they start and are still small.

He says that the Department of Energy also has resources.

“The Department of Energy has a sensory computer analysis capability that can detect, in real-time, the lightning strikes that might set off ablaze,” according to the President. “We’re gonna use those tools to identify fires that start in remote places, and share that information so that firefighters on the ground can respond immediately before fires spread out of control.”

President Biden also says that the EPA has launched an app that has a map so you can easily access the latest information on air quality, smoke plumes, and public health guidance.


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