Public Lands Council: The Farm Bill can help mitigate dangerous wildfires

As we inch closer to September, more priorities are coming up for the 2023 Farm Bill. The Public Lands Council sees the legislation as a good way to help protect the forestry and timber industries from wildfires.

“We all know that fire happens in a couple different kinds of ecosystems and when those ecosystems aren’t healthy, fire just gets so much worse. 2020 was the highest year that we’ve seen in the last ten years, more than 10 million acres burned across the west. Many of those in forestry landscapes, but there are a couple things we can do. The Farm Bill has the opportunity to authorize targeted grazing to reduce those fine fuels that make fires burn so hot, so fast, and makes them so dangerous,” Kaitlynn Glover explains.

She goes on to say another reason mitigating these wildfires is important is because a lot of the beef and lamb that ends up on America’s plates are sourced from the west.