Researcher knocks down the blame that cows contribute to climate change

Cows have been a hot topic when it comes to climate change, with a lot of blame placed on these animals for methane emissions, but today we are hearing from an All-Tech researcher who backs up the notion that livestock plays a critical role in sustainability.

“So the dairy cow is the ultimate recycling center. And what upcycling of nutrients do, a fancy term for saying they turn things that we can’t eat into things that we can eat. Things of poor quality into things of better quality. If we don’t capture all of these nutrients, all of these byproducts, we are going to be making all of these byproducts anyway.”

Dr. Holder went on to say the carbon footprint of the by-products livestock eat is five times greater through composting. If those by-products end up in a landfill, there is a 49-fold increase in released emissions.


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