Reward in Kentucky horse killings increases again


After more than a dozen horses were shot and killed in Kentucky, the reward for information about the animal’s deaths has been upped to $20,000. Previously it was Previously it was $5,000.

It was initially believed at least 15 horses died but that number was revised to 13.

“Surprisingly, we’ve had different countries call and pledge support of some kind or show their concern,” Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt told NPR. “People from so many states have called. We’ve had professional police officers from, Lord have mercy, thousands of miles away, have called to offer their expertise and training. And just every little thing in the world — people have gone out of their way to show their kindness and concern for these horses.”

Hunt also said there were six more horses that will be rescued this weekend, but that will be a tough task because of the remote area and the fact that the horses are free-roaming, making them behave like wild animals.

After they animals are rescued, the county will work with volunteer groups to find them homes.

The money is being offered by the Humane Society, Dumas Rescue and the Animal Legal Defense Fund.