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Rural Wrap-Up: Five things you missed last week


1. Indiana refinery went offline due to fire and triggered fuel shortages in four states


The Environmental Protection Agency issued an emergency fuel waiver to help put a band-aid on fuel shortages in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

A fire broke out at an oil refinery in Indiana, causing it to shut down. The Clean Air Act allows Administrator Michael Regan to waive certain fuel requirements to be waived to facilitate ample supply for the area, according to the EPA.

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2. Ag groups react to and states join California’s ban on gas-powered cars


Biofuel groups said California’s plan to phase out gas-powered cars is a blow to the industry.

The Renewable Fuels Association said it is disappointed and “mystified” by the decision. It said the move will severely limit options and raise the cost of vehicle ownership in California while putting more strain on the already-overburdened electrical grid.

Meanwhile, according to The Hill, 15 states have backed California’s zero-emissions requirements, but only Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, and New York are actively following their lead by banning all new internal combustion engine sales by 2035.

3. Gas prices continued on their downward trend


Gas prices were down again for the 11th consecutive week, with prices falling more than a dollar from their peak in June.

According to GasBuddy, the national average is sitting around $3.81, which is down nearly $0.40 from a month ago. Diesel, however, is up a little more than $0.07 per gallon compared to last week. It is still sitting above the $5 mark at $5.04.

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4. USDA reverted back to the old system for weekly export sales


After weeks of errors and uncertainty within the USDA’s export sales reporting and maintenance system, the Agency said it is addressing the issues.

As a result, USDA will revert back to the legacy system while the problems are worked out, and no weekly export sales data will be released for at least two weeks.

They hope to resume regular export reporting on Thursday, September 15th.

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5. News From Ukraine: Farmers continue to harvest amid a plethora of challenges


We are learning more about the logistics issues, heat waves, and lack of inputs hindering producers, and battles continue to wage in farmer’s fields

Latifundist Media has partnered with us to provide boots-on-the-ground coverage:

The harvest in Ukraine continues. As of the end of August, farmers have collected 918 million bushels of grain. Harvesting of grain in the legume crops was carried out on an area of 16 million acres, 59 percent of the planned area, with a yield of 70 bushels per acre. This year’s grain harvest will be enough for domestic consumption and export, but the percentage of crop failure will be significant, according to Taras Vysotskyi, the first Deputy of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

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