Sale barn throws a woman the perfect ‘century’ celebration!


Ethel Diehl is 100 years old and has a passion for selling and raising cattle. While visiting a sale barn to sell some cattle, she was treated to a birthday celebration.

She has been around livestock for the majority of her life. She grew up on a dairy farm, and she says she’s always been around livestock.

“I’ve always done it since I got married in 1944...because I lived on a farm, married a farmer, always had cattle, still do,” Diehl tells KWCH 12.

What is the secret to her living a long and prosperous life?

“Work. It’s a great benefit. You need to be active, and be a participant in what you’re doing. And you have to enjoy it,” said Diehl.

She says she has never spent a day not working unless she was sick.


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Story via Austin Morton with KWCH 12