Secretary of State offers suggestions to combat food insecurity

The Secretary of State is highlighting food insecurity at a United Nations meeting this week.

Secretary Antony Blinken offered four suggestions to combat the issues brought about by the war in Ukraine. The first being that countries need to step up with new contributions to fill the gaps. Second, address the global fertilizer shortage by creating incentives for countries to produce more. Also, increase investments in ag capacity and resilience, and finally, help poorer countries bear the impact of this crisis.

“The United States has announced more than $2.3 billion dollars in new funding for emergency food assistance to meet global humanitarian needs since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Today, given the urgency of the crisis, we’re announcing another $215 million dollars in new emergency food assistance, and we will do much more. We expect our Congress very soon to approve approximately $5.5 billion dollars in additional funding for humanitarian assistance and food security,” he explained.

Today, he will lead a session on how conflicts like the war in Ukraine fuel food insecurity and threaten peace and security around the globe.


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