Sen. Grassley notes that the U.S. should consider a trade deal with Taiwan

Taiwan asks for a trade deal with the United States and some think that it could take a front seat over a phase two deal with China.

Senator Chuck Grassley says that now that Taiwan has opened the door to U.S. pork, the possibility of a deal should be considered. Issues still remain over the use of ractopamine. As we previously reported, Taiwan wants to work together to resolve the issues, both in a way that is safe for their consumers and also consistent with established scientific standards.

Grassley says that the time frame condition is the election: “I think we’re invited to take action with Taiwan, and it could be parallel to what we do with China, but there is not going to be anything done with China between now and the election... I do think there’s going to be a phase two with China.”

Grassley adds that U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer would know more about the sensitivities with China and how it could impact the trade potential with Taiwan.