Sen. Grassley says USDA’s efforts to eradicate HPAI seem to be working

USDA’s efforts to eradicate High Path Avian Influenza seem to be working.

That is according to Senator Chuck Grassley. He told reporters earlier this morning that he recognizes the agency is working to quickly control and eradicate the disease. In his home state, the Department of Agriculture has been working with the federal government to assure that this outbreak is not like that of 2015, and he believes the efforts are working.

“It seems like the infection seems to be waning. There’s been no reported moving of the disease from one farm to another. I think that that has happened like in 2015 because of changes made after 2015 to improve biosecurity.”

The Iowa Senator emphasized that USDA must have all tools available to combat the disease.

This echoes what was said in a letter to the Senate Ag Appropriations Committee on the need for funding to continue addressing the outbreak.


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