Sen. Marshall calls out the “War on Meat”

The Senate is considering updates to the child nutrition program and during a hearing, Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas used the moment to address what he calls the war on meat, as “Meatless Monday” gains traction on social media.

“I would put meat, especially beef, in the same category right beside whole milk as healthy and nutritious. The meat industry has spent decades researching and fine-toothing making sure that this is a nutritious protein source,” the Senator explains. “It drives me crazy to be honest, for folks to attack the meat industry when really the evidence says it’s a very healthy food when served properly, especially with all the lean meats we have today.”

Marshall, who is a physician, questioned how much tofu a high school athlete would need to eat to maintain his/her weight. He also questioned the government’s top-down approach to school lunches and criticized the sodium targets.

The Senate has not updated the child nutrition program in more than a decade.


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