Senate leaders respond to House Ag Committee’s Farm Bill passage

The House version of the Farm Bill has made it through a pivotal phase, after passing the Ag Committee. We are now hearing from leaders on the Senate side.

Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow expressed optimism about advancing the 2024 Farm bill but acknowledged challenges in achieving consensus. Ranking Member John Boozman praised progress but emphasized the need to address inflation and market challenges. House Ag Chair GT Thompson says he will coordinate with the Senate and hopes to have a floor vote by September.

As the process for a new Farm Bill gains momentum, bipartisan support emerges as crucial for its further progression, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Government Affairs Director.

“With the tight margins in the House--Republicans have a majority of five--we need the bill to be a bipartisan bill, otherwise, this will not make it to the House floor. We know that there are some Republicans who will vote against any new spending. And so, this bill, if it has a chance to make it in this Congress, needs to be done with bipartisanship, and that’s what we hope to see,” said Joe Gilson.

Gilson says history shows the Farm Bill has always been a bipartisan effort, bringing broad swaths of food and agriculture together.

“The Farm Bill has always been done in a bipartisan basis with a coalition of nutrition, environmental and farm commodity organizations, and constituents from across the country supporting this. We need to keep that coalition together to get the bill across the finish line, and farmers and ranchers across the country need to see investments made in the farm safety net.”

He adds that he supports the bill by Chairman Thompson, which includes more spending in the farm safety net, provisions for interstate commerce, dairy program improvements, and increased conservation resources for famers.