Republicans claim victory as the Farm Bill passes the House Ag Committee

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Photo via Official Twitter

House Ag Republicans are claiming victory as their version of the Farm Bill passed in Committee.

It is the most expensive in history, totaling $1.5 trillion, and it passed with help from four key Democrats.

“A majority, having voted in favor of the motion as agreed to. Nature 8467, as amended, will be reported favorably to the House,” said Rep. Glenn GT Thompson.

The bill proposes increased spending on commodity programs and crop insurance, reallocating conservation funding, and boosting support for specialty crops and international market development.

House Ag Chair GT Thompson told Agri-Pulse that he did not know if he would have any Democrat support.

Here are the four Democrats who broke rank and sent the Farm Bill through:

  1. Don Davis of North Carolina
  2. Yadira Caraveo of Colorado
  3. Eric Sorenson of Illinois
  4. Sandford Bishop of Georgia

Thompson says the earliest he can bring it to the floor would be September, which is when the current extension expires.