Senators warn the global food crisis could get even worse next year


The World Food Program is warning that the global food crisis could get worse in 2023 due to possible reductions in farm production because of high fertilizer prices.

The Program’s executive director told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that 50 million people in 45 countries have already faced famine this year. David Beasley told AgriPulse, “I’m very concerned next year that we may have a food availability problem, and that is going to be a crisis beyond anything we have seen in our lifetime.”

Beasley also said there could be a 20 percent reduction in African food production next year because of fertilizer shortages. The country relies heavily on the production of 33 million small-scale farms. Droughts in Africa and the U.S. could also contribute to food shortages.


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Story via Philip Brasher with AgriPulse