Smithfield is facing major pork problems

Mexico is blocking pork imports from a North Carolina Smithfield plant. Their complaint is over the quality of hog skins.

Smithfield claims the skins come from a third-party company and it is working to resume shipments.

According to the U.S. Meat Export Federation, pork exports to Mexico were up nearly 60 percent in April and value had more than doubled.

Smithfield also faces a lawsuit claiming they caused fear of a meat shortage during the pandemic.

Advocacy group Food and Water Watch claim that Smithfield misrepresented the facts to consumers so the company could make a greater profit. They also allege working conditions were not fully disclosed and workers were constantly in close proximity.

The plaintiff says that Smithfield exported record amounts to China the same month it warned of a shortage and USDA data, at the time, predicted enough meat was in cold storage to keep shelves stocked for months.


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