South Dakota is the latest state to join the AM radio fight

South Dakota’s Attorney General has stepped up with 16 other state counterparts asking Congress to take action in regard to AM radio.

“AM radios. It’s where people turn to severe weather updates, emergency information, local news and sports. A group of Attorney Generals were hearing about it. It kind of culminated last week for me in South Dakota, where there was an opportunity to join with several of my colleagues, mostly predominantly Republican, to address Congress about the need for this. Obviously, Senator Rounds feels similarly. He is supporting that legislation. We need this here in South Dakota, because again, oftentimes AM is where we have the reception, it’s where we depend upon public health and safety announcements, and it’s important to us. The hope is that Congress will act on this and act on it quickly,” said Marty Jackley.

Jackley says the interference reason some electric vehicle manufacturers have given for the removal is not applicable to South Dakota because there is not much demand for electric vehicles there. He adds there is a big downside for them to not include the popular medium in new vehicles.