Sunny Heat v/s Cooling Rain

The latest Drought Monitor was just released and it shows the majority of the U.S. received rain.

Monsoon rains were less intense than the prior week in the western U.S., but were heavier than normal and soaked the Four Corners Region, including much of Nevada and southeastern California. Southern Texas finally saw some relief recording more than 10 inches of rain. However, it is a different story for the northeast, where farmers experienced abnormally high temperatures and drought expanded.

We want to help you plan for the future as drought conditions persist.

Oklahoma State University Rangeland and Ecology Specialist, Dr. Laura Goodman explains the factors to consider: “If we can come up with our plans before we’re in this state, that’s ideal, and figuring out who we’re going to cull, who are we going to keep. Also, just fluctuating in your herd... mixing goats in pastures with our cattle, and that kind of provides a twofold benefit that we can use some of the woody plants that stay green during drought for much longer. And then, you know, they’re just worth quite a bit right now. The five-year average for 40-60 pound kids is $2.80 a pound, and so all those things help when thinking about the long-term profitability.”


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