TEXAS FIRE UPDATE: A falling utility pole caused the Smokehouse Creek Fire, a new lawsuit claims

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Photo via Franklin Graham Twitter

The largest wildfire in Texas history is causing catastrophic losses across the panhandle, where more than 85 percent of the state’s cattle population is located.

It is burning nearly 1,700 square miles of land and devastated seven grain and seed operations.

Now, new reports show a woman is suing the Southwestern Public Service Company after her home was caught in the fire, claiming the Fire was caused by a falling utility pole.

According to her lawsuit, the fire started on Monday, February 26th when the pole cracked and snapped, and “As a result of the utility, powered utility lines hit the ground, igniting a fire, which spread quickly into an uncontrollable conflagration.”

Xcel Energy did not directly address the lawsuit but said they were working “in coordination with first responders and local officials to support the power needs of our communities,” according to CBS News.