The Buzz About Beef

May 23, 2017

Story provided by The Beef Checkoff

The concept of “fake news” has been getting a lot of attention over the past few months.

In agriculture, beef producers know first-hand what it’s like to see and hear misleading information about the way cattle are raised and the role of beef in our diet. However, through the Beef Checkoff, the industry is fighting mis-information with truths.

In south Texas, Steven Mafrige is carrying on a family tradition, raising Braford and Brahman cattle on the Y-Bar Ranch, which was founded in 1883. And, as a fourth generation cattle producer, Mafrige sees a bright future in producing beef.

Although the supply of beef continues to grow, there are still frequent threats to demand which come in the form of misleading or incorrect information about the health benefits and safety of beef. Mafridge believes that this threat is met by producers working together through The Beef Checkoff Program.

The Beef Checkoff Program is structured to follow specific directives. All producers and importers pay the same $1 per head, producers control one half of the money collected by state beef councils. All national checkoff-funded programs are budgeted and evaluated by the Beef Board, the members are nominated by fellow beef producers.

“We’re raising a sustainable product and we’re proud of it and then when somebody gives an inaccurate comment about it, it’s very hard, especially when you’re down here, to do something about it so knowing The Beef Checkoff that’s set up with the media outlets that are in place or a whole system in place to disperse anything like that makes it easier to sleep at night,” says Steve Mafrige, Y Bar Ranch, Tilden, Texas.

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