The Cattle Industry is Closely Watching WOTUS Debate

Many agriculture groups are watching the WOTUS debate very closely and that includes the cattle industry.

The EPA wants to replace the Navigable Waters Protection Act from the Trump Administration, but producers are not sure if that means we will return to the Obama-era rule, or the previous one. The Idaho Cattle Association says its biggest concern is what waters will qualify under the new rule.

“If it’s based on the amount of water that comes through there, or time, or things like that, well we can get a flash-flood event that sends a lot of water down a gully and it really only has water in it for say 90 days, that’s a completely different situation than a very small trickle that last year round say in the Midwest and where that water can get to.”

Idaho ranchers fear the EPA is not considering the unique nature of the West and how creeks and small waterways work year ‘round.


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