The Ukraine Report: Farmers are in rebuild mode after Russian troops destroyed grain facility

Ukrainian farmers are in rebuild mode after a prominent grain storage facility was overtaken by Russian troops and then destroyed.

Latifundist Media has partnered with us to provide boots-on-the-ground coverage:

“We are in Snihurivka, a small town in Mykolaiv region. Dmytro Maksymenko, Regional Director of Elevator Business at Prometey, is our guide.

For a year, Snihurivka was in the headlines of Ukrainian and international media. This small town in Mykolaiv region witnessed hostilities between the Ukrainian army and Russian invaders. The elevator of Prometey is located at one of the highest points in the area, so the Russians set up an observation post her

“In mid-March, it took one day for the elevator to be seized. One night, a Russian army convoy stopped by. At gunpoint, the Russians forced all the staff out of the elevator and forbade them to return. Only seven months later we were able to come back. It was after the deoccupation of Snihurivka.”

The granary is in ruins. You can see for yourself the results of the Russian presence here.

“All our warehouses are damaged, including the silo building. Losses are now estimated. So much product was stolen, and the silo complex, which was 80% full, was burnt down.”

Before the war, 70,000 tons of products were stored here.

“The battles outside Snihurivka left the grain elevator in this condition. This part was filled with sunflower seeds, wheat and barley. In three months everything burnt out.”

The elevator was rather old, and we had plans to modernize it. Now it is not about reconstruction, but a complete rebuilding.

The territory of the elevator is currently cleared of missile debris, remains of what was used at the elevator and garbage left by the Russians. There is plenty of work for years to come but sowing has already begun in the country and they plan to restore at least one or two warehouses to receive at least minimum volumes of products at the end of the season.

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