The winter storms are taking a toll on producers, but especially cattle

The Midwest and Northern Plains have seen a rush of winter weather this week.

Brad Haun in South Dakota posted these photos on Twitter, showing cattle covered in snow as they make their way across the fields. these photos on Twitter

In another part of the state, Derek Chase gave the perspective from the top of his John Deere and you can hardly see 50 feet ahead.

As great as these producers are taking the winter weather, USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says these storms have not just been challenging for them, but cattle as well.

“From an agricultural standpoint, perhaps most importantly is livestock stress. Fortunately, producers had ample warnings of this storm and were able to prepare for it, but given the nature and the long lasting period of wind and cold and snow across the Northern Plains, it has been a tough time to try to take care and maintain the safety of cattle across that region.”

Rippey says some of the hardest hit places were in the Northern Plains into the Dakotas and even Colorado, forcing road closures and making travel difficult in rural areas.