The world wants U.S. pork!

The world wants U.S. pork!

The National Pork Board says that there is a growing global appetite and it is using checkoff funds to promote U.S. pork internationally. Through work with the U.S. Meat Export Federation, the board is able to better understand changing consumer preferences which can be applied to foreign markets.

“Really excited about the momentum and the positioning of U.S. pork in a market like Korea, who’s really embraced e-commerce, so that’s really a wave of the future. We can take those learning to other neighboring markets as well. We’re focused on also different ways to merchandise, so how can we help them to better display and utilize different parts of the carcass,” according to Courtney Knupp.

International marketing diversification is one of the Pork Board’s five strategic priorities to sell every part of the pig, whether that is at home or abroad.


The National Pork Board has laid out their 2022 priorities