Today marks six years since Shirley Temple passed away

Shirley Temple

Today is the sixth anniversary of iconic child star Shirley Temple’s death in 2014.

Shirley Temple Black died at her Woodside, California home at the age of 85.

The child star sang, danced, and acted in dozens of films by the time she was a teen.

As an adult, she stopped making movies and served as a U.S. diplomat.

Temple was born on April 23, 1928, and began taking dance lessons at the age of three. She was first featured in a series of short films called “baby Burlesks.”

The 1934 film “Stand up and Cheer” is what helped her career take off.

In 1999, Temple was named one of the greatest screen legends by the American Film Institute.

Facts about Shirley Temple:

-On average Shirley Temple movies grossed $126.70 million in adjusted box office money.

-Four Shirley Temple movies received at least one Oscar nomination.

-The success of her movies saved Fox from bankruptcy.

-When MGM was making The Wizard of Oz they wanted to use Temple for the role of Dorothy, however, Fox refused to loan her out.