Tom Vilsack Visits Local Grocery Benefiting from Build Back Better

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack took a trip to Pennsylvania to tout the president’s Build Back Better agenda, which includes an additional 2 billion dollar increase in USDA’s REAP program.

A 3rd generation family-owned grocery store is installing solar panels on their roof with the help of a USDA REAP grant. Market owner, Greg Staubel, says they couldn’t have done it without the grant.

“We were able to go ahead with the venture, it’s not a cheap project, we’ve got 450k in the project. The reap grant was a huge help at 104k approximately.”

The project is expected to help lower energy costs for the market.

“As a direct result of reducing their costs, it makes their groceries competitive which means shoppers here get the benefit of reduced costs, and that is the benefit of a partnership between the Staubel family and the department of agriculture and our reap program.”

And Staubel’s market won’t be the only location taking advantage of the funding.

“We’re here in Pennsylvania to announce and investment of over a million dollars in 16 different reap projects across the state as well as six community disaster loans to begin some of the communities to start recovering from severe storms.”

After the visit, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said he was most impressed by the Staubel family’s commitment to not only making smart business decisions… but also serving the community.

“The banners up here represent the hopes and dreams of young people who show cattle at 4h and state fairs. These folks are there purchasing so they can say to customers you’re buying local. You’re helping a local young person go to college or realize an opportunity to stay in the farming business.”

According to Vilsack, he sees the USDA REAP program and projects like the solar panels at Staubels as the actual building back better side of the president’s agenda.

Pennsylvania senator Bob Casey was also at the visit and shared his support for Build Back Better, and called on the senate to get it done this month.


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