Trade court to review NCGA brief, could bring relief to fertilizer prices

The U.S. Court of International Trade will review a brief from the corn industry that could bring some relief to fertilizer prices.

The National Corn Growers Association is asking for a suspension on tariffs imposed on phosphorus imports.

Earlier this year, Mosaic petitioned the International Trade Commission to place tariffs over 19 percent of fertilizers from Morocco and Russia. NCGA says that Mosaic can remove the financial burden from farmers by withdrawing their petition.

Meantime, high input prices for crops are likely to persist through spring. Economists say that is because most of the active ingredients for fertilizer and pesticides come from China, along with most of the raw materials to produce it.

Nutrien Ag Solutions says that it predicted a problem when China went into total lockdown but did not imagine the situation would get this bad.

Glyphosate prices have tripled in some places and that is if you can even find it.

Livestock farmers can benefit from those prices. The University of Minnesota Extension says that crop farmers are now looking to buy manure. The Extension says that this teaming up can be mutually beneficial with livestock farmers getting extra money for manure they were planning to apply anyway.

Also, crop farmers get the nutrient and soil health benefits from manure without having to pay high commercial fertilizer prices.


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